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Demand and Prospects information

The Housing Register

There is currently an extremely high demand for social housing in Manchester with over 15,000 live applications on the Manchester Housing Register.

Please see below for the number of households on the Manchester Housing Register, by their band and the size of property that they need:

Information correct as of 16th October 2023


Prospects and waiting times

It is difficult to give exact waiting times, but see below for average waiting times for different property types:

Based on all lets between 01 April 2022 and 31 March 2023


These are average waiting times for the whole city; waiting times can vary between different areas of Manchester.

For 1-bed properties, waiting times can vary depending on your age; the wait for flats with a high age restriction is shorter than that for properties without an age restriction.

No family homes were let to applicants outside of Band 1 and Band 2.

Waiting times for adapted homes may be longer than average due to high demand.


Applicants in Band 3 and Band 4

There may be options available in some areas of the City for applicants in Bands 3 and 4 for non-family homes with a 50+ age restriction. Please check your Manchester Move account for available homes.

There may be limited options in North Manchester for applicants who are over 40 in Bands 3 and 4, who require a 2-bed flat. An affordability check will be required. Please check your Manchester Move account for available homes.