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Mutual Exchanges

 Do you rent your home from a council, a housing association or other not-for-profit landlord? Would you leave that home empty if you move out?


If so, you could find somewhere quickly by exchanging your home with another tenant using Homeswapper. Search online for tenants who are looking for a place like yours.



Free to join

Many Manchester landlords, and practically all those in the Manchester Move Partnership (the group of not-for-profit landlords that advertise on Manchester Move), use Homeswapper to give you a much wider choice of homes.

Use Homeswapper to look for a home-exchange partner in the city - or anywhere in the country. It's quick and easy to join. Say exactly what you're looking for and where you want to live, and be matched with people who are looking for a home like yours.


It's free to join if your landlord is a member of the service. Check on the Homeswapper website to see if your landlord is a member when you first use it.


If you have any questions about Homeswapper, contact your own landlord.


Go to: Homeswapper