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Private Renting


Look for a privately-rented home, and you could find just what you want more quickly.

• Homes available now, with no waiting lists and no red tape!
• Choose from one-bed studio flats to big family houses.
• Get Housing Benefit to cover some or all your rent if you're on a low income.
• Choose a part-furnished, or unfurnished home to suit you best.

You need to be looking for accommodation yourself - online, in the paper, in the local newsagents, or following leads on places you've heard about. This won't happen overnight, you'll have to get out there and look for this accommodation. Below are some websites that can help you with your search:


Make ur Move




Open Rent




How to get a private tenancy


This is a process that may take several attempts and lots of phone calls, emails and viewings. With the way things are with accommodation at the moment, it is the fastest way to get a roof over your head.


Always follow up properties that are being advertised. Websites are the best way to do this. Call landlords and letting agents once you have found somewhere you like to set up a viewing. This is your chance to meet the landlord and make an impression on them.


Once you have been to see the property you need to make sure that it's affordable, speak to the landlord aout your options. You will need to talk about the length of the tenancy, when they would require payment, and what the running cost are.


The landlord will usually require background checks and possibly a guarantor if you have never held a tenancy before.


Once all checks and payments are made you should sign a tenancy agreement.