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Social Housing


Vauxhall Court, Collyhurst

There's a big demand for this type of housing in many areas - so it may not be the right option for everyone. Council housing and Housing Association: is it a good choice?


The council, and all other not-for-profit landlords, have rehousing rules to decide who gets homes. Generally, the more urgent your need-to-move, the higher your priority; and the better your chance of a home. You can get an increased priority if you are a working household, or make a contribution to the community.


Some housing is reserved for people over a certain age. You can often get a home quickly if you are an older person, but may have to wait longer if you are young - especially if you don't have a high rehousing priority.


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Many people think this sort of housing is their only choice, and accept that they may have to wait a long time. But there are more housing options available now that may result in you finding a home quicker.