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We want Manchester Move to be easy to use and as accessible as possible to all types of people using different types of computer systems or other devices.

An accessible website doesn't exclude anyone because they have a visual impairment or another disability, or because they are older, or because they have a slow internet connection of lack the latest software.

It means that everyone can understand it, navigate around it, contribute to it and use its interactive services.

The Manchester Move website has many features that help make it as accessible as possible. They include:


Clear structure and easy navigation

Our site is divided into obvious sections with plenty of links to other parts of the site. There are permanent features placed consistently on every page - such as links to the main sections (on the left) like 'Look for a home', 'Homes you're watching' and 'Your bids this week'. The site avoids unnecessary techniques that need technical know-how to use. It concentrates on good, solid information written in plain language, presented clearly.


Changing the text size

Some readers prefer the text at a larger size than on the standard web page - especially older people or those with a visual impairment. You can change the text size of Manchester Move to suit your needs. If you are looking at it on a computer you can use keyboard shortcuts, like pressing the 'Ctrl' key and + key together, or by choosing 'text size' from the 'View' option in the tool bar. Different computers and different browsers may display these option differently. See more about changing your text size (BBC website)


Giving text alternatives

Where we use graphics or images to convey important information, we also present that information in text format so it can be understood by screen-readers for visually impaired people. For example we use 'traffic lights' to show your chance of a home.


Find out more about accessibility (Web accessibility initiative website)