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Baguley is about eight miles south of the city centre. It's west of Princess Parkway, mostly between Altrincham Road and Hollyhedge Road. 


Living in Baguley

There are local shops in Baguley, and a large Tesco supermarket on nearby Altrincham Road. The civic centre in the middle of Wythenshawe (two miles) has more shopping, a food hall and a thriving market.

Buses run regularly from the city centre through Baguley to nearby Wythenshawe hospital. There are job opportunities at the hospital, as well as the nearby Roundthorn industrial area.

The Forum centre two miles away is a modern, welcoming, safe and accessible building at the heart of community life - the place to come for leisure, learning and childcare. Nearby Wythenshawe park is one of the biggest and best in the city.


Homes to rent in Baguley

There are around 610 homes rented out by not-for-profit landlords like housing associations and housing trusts.

Neighbouring areas